Cyber Essentails

Past Officers

The Institution of Analysts and Programmers was founded in 1972 as the University Computing Association under a fairly loose constitution. The Institution was incorporated in 1981 under a formal Memorandum and Articles of Association, which established a number of senior offices.

The past holders of these offices are listed here.


Jim Bates 1999-2007

David Morgan 2007-2018

Paul Lynham 2018-


Ian Robertson 1999-2001

Stephen Cumbers 2001-2005

David Morgan 2005-2007

Paul Lynham 2007-2018

David Morgan 2018-

David Morgan 2018-


Graham Fenton 1999-2004

Ian Hargrave 2004-2005

John Weller 2005-2010

Graham Fenton 2010-

Director Generals

Bob Charles 1972-1989

Mike Ryan 1989-2011