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Use of the IAP Coat of Arms

The Arms were granted to the Institution by the College of Arms, which has laid down strict rules for their use. The Institution is pleased to extend this facility to members and to IAP Partners, subject to these rules being respected. Two guiding principles should be borne in mind.

  1. The design should be used in a manner appropriate to the dignity of the Institution.The Trustee Board regards use on personal and business letter headings, reports, brochures, business cards etc. as appropriate uses. The size and position of the design should also be appropriate – it is usual to print it small but readable in one corner of the page. If in doubt email a proof to the IAP office for approval.
  2. The relationship between the user and the Institution should be made clear.This is most easily achieved by printing a few words of explanation underneath the design. For example if the document is in the name of Fred Smith, an Associate Member, he could put “Associate Member, Institution of Analysts and Programmers” in a couple of lines of small print. If the document was in the name of Fred’s company, Fredpro, then it would be better to put “Fred Smith, Associate Member, Institution of Analysts and Programmers” or if space is short just “Fred Smith, AMIAP”. Most important would be to avoid giving the impression that the Institution itself was trading as Fredpro.

Most members find they can download an image of acceptable quality from the IAP website. Better quality images are available by email from the Institution office, but bear in mind that the original rendition of the Arms was hand painted and is not perfect.

If you are using the logo on a web site, you should hyperlink the logo back to the IAP web site

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