Cyber Essentials Certified

Job Slot

Short term contract available

The Institution is supporting this Government initiative and via one of our partners, a Business Development Consultant contractor position has arisen.

A need has arisen on the UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project (the project) […]

UK Cyber Security Council Board

The Institution has been involved with the Cyber Security Alliance and has been working with our partners to create the Cyber Security Council, the Formation Project is now in a position to advertise for the first three Trustees […]

Compealing Skills

“… for the first time, I saw that programs could be more than just instructions for computers. They could be as elegant as well-made kitchen cabinets, as graceful as a suspension bridge, or as eloquent as one of George Orwell’s essays.”

In the third part of this series on Compealing Code, Paul Lynham covers some of the skills required to achieve this goal.


Margaret Sale, 1932–2020

I am sad to say the Margaret Sale died recently. She and her husband Tony were instrumental in saving the Bletchley Park site and helped to create what is now the country’s most important museums for WW2 code-breaking. Made famous […]

COBOL Developers Are Not Extinct

The Governor of New Jersey had put out a plea to COBOL developers to volunteer to support the states aging computing systems.

In an article in The Register he explains that the 40 year old Benefits system relies upon […]

A Further Look at Complealing Code

Paul Lynham FIAP continues his voyage on Compealing Code in a series of articles about improving source code to improve software.


Code City

As a software developer of the best part of 40 years, I have developed everything from games on 1970’s computers, through to largescale financial systems and everything in between.

The consistent things I have seen are employers and project […]

STEM 2020

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific subjects:-science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

To make the subjects more relevant than individual lessons they are taught by integrating them into a learning […]

Compealing Code to Improve Software

Paul Lynham FIAP presents another article in a series of articles about improving source code to improve software.


Testing the Limits

In 2000 the Post Office introduced a new accounting system ‘Horizon’ to manage all its branches. Over the next few years hundreds of sub-postmasters/postmistresses were prosecuted for theft, fraud and other charges as the system identified money was missing from […]