Eco Software Development

With the spotlight on saving the planet from humanity; Campaigners like Greta Thunberg have shown the positive side of what individuals and groups can do. Alongside we have groups like Extinction Rebellion who are also as committed as Greta but take a more direct action, that to some is […]

Avoiding the Screen of Death!

Recently an old school friend died. Nothing particularly significant in that, he was only 58 years old though. What made this different is that he actually died at work, at his desk.

Not the work of the Butler with the Wrench in the office, or some unlikely story worthy […]

2019 – Notice of AGM

The Institution’s 2019 AGM will be on Saturday, 19th October, at Boundary House, Boston Road, Hanwell W7 2QE, starting at 10:30 am.

The AGM is open to all voting members and allows any member to question the Executive and Trustees. It is usually a short meeting, its purpose being […]