IAP 2000 Annual Symposium

IAP2000, the IAP’s Annual Symposium will be held at Trinity House, Tower Hill, London EC3N 4DH on Friday 20 October. This year, for the first time, we’re running it in association with the BCS. It’s chaired by Brian Oakley CBE, Head European Pathfinder Project and Past President BCS. The theme of the symposium is ‘Frontiers of Computing’ and an international panel of distinguished researchers will take you on a grand tour of the most intriguing questions in 21st Century

Informatics. There will be contributions from:

Prof Igor Aleksander FREng, Imperial College
Prof Susan Greenfield CBE, Royal Institution and University of Oxford
Prof Anthony Hey, University of Southampton
Dr Colin Williams, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Dr Sci Peter Gariaev, Russian Academy of Sciences
Dr Uwe Kaempf, Dresden University of Technology
Prof Alan Newell FRSE, University of Dundee
Dr Mahes Visvalingam, University of Hull

They’ll be addressing questions like:

Given that the conscious mind depends upon the architecture of the brain, could we engineer a machine that has both imagination and emotions, and would such a machine be conscious?

Are we bobbing around in a flood of data from which we abstract too little useful information, and worse still, are crude data reduction methods misinforming public policy?


When the CMOS endpoint repeals Moore’s Law in a decade or so, could nanotechnology and coherent quantum devices satisfy our relentless demand for more computational power?

For full details of the programme, including abstracts and biographical details, visit www.newdelphi.com/iap2000.

A very good lunch, cream tea and all refreshments are included in the prices, which are:

IAP members: £58.75

BCS members: £82.25

Non-members: £117.50.

All prices include VAT.

Last year’s event was hugely enjoyable and the programme for this year suggests that there will be terrific competition for tickets. So book your place now by phoning the IAP office on 020 8 567 2118, faxing on 020 8 567 4379 or emailing admin@iap.org.uk!

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