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Sir Roger Penrose wins Nobel Prize

The Institution would like to congratulate Sir Roger Penrose on his Nobel Prize for Physics and his work on Black Holes.

Sir Roger is well known to the Institution and back in 2001 he did a presentation to the IAP Symposium at Trinity House near Tower Hill.

A mentor of Stephen Hawking, Sir Rogers work on black holes is shared with Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez. He is a mathematical physicist from the University of Oxford, and demonstrated that black holes were an inevitable consequence of Albert’s Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Computing is essential to the modern day modelling that scientists use to simulate the theories they have. It has driven a huge drive in the development of super computers and AI is now being developed to take things further.

It is great to British scientists being leading figures in thier fields.

UK Cyber Security Council recruiting for two business analysts

One of the Institutions partners the Chartered Institute of Information Security is recruiting for two Business Analysts for the UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project. The project is a Government initiative, funded through the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), being delivered by the Cyber Security Alliance, of which the IAP and CIISec are members, under the leadership of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Find a role description with main duties and responsibilities here

If you are interested in applying please send your CV and a covering letter to

Please note that the closing date is Thursday 17th September.

London Hotels – Members Offer

The Institution has agreed a 20% discount for our members and their families with the Blue Orchid Hotels group based in London.

They have several hotels including the Tower Suites, The Rochester, and The Wellington.

You can find thier website @

If you use this offer please let us know what you thought about your stay.

We hope in the future to add more hotels around the country and in Europe.

2020 – AGM Calling Notice


Job Slot

Short term contract available

The Institution is supporting this Government initiative and via one of our partners, a Business Development Consultant contractor position has arisen.

A need has arisen on the UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project (the project) for a clear Strategy and Value Proposition for the Council. Therefore we are recruiting for a Business Development Consultant as a Contract position up to 60 days work at £700 per day.
The project is a Government initiative, funded through the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS), being delivered by the Cyber Security Alliance, of which CIISec is a member, under the leadership of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. CIISec is running two of the workstreams.

This consultant will be critical in establishing the income for the Council from organisations and entities who would join as Members and Associates/Affiliates, as well as setting out the strategy for the Council in its first few years. 

We attach a role description and suggested format of the deliverable, as this shows the scope of the work required.

If you are interested in applying please send your CV and a covering letter to

Please note that the closing date is 20th July 2020

We also welcome those outside of CIISec membership to apply so please feel free to share this email with any colleagues or friends that could be suitable for this role.  

UK Cyber Security Council Board

The Institution has been involved with the Cyber Security Alliance and has been working with our partners to create the Cyber Security Council, the Formation Project is now in a position to advertise for the first three Trustees of the UK Cyber Security Council.

The advert for the first Trustees of the UK Cyber Security Council is now live at .

Compealing Skills

“… for the first time, I saw that programs could be more than just instructions for computers. They could be as elegant as well-made kitchen cabinets, as graceful as a suspension bridge, or as eloquent as one of George Orwell’s essays.”

In the third part of this series on Compealing Code, Paul Lynham covers some of the skills required to achieve this goal.


Margaret Sale, 1932–2020

I am sad to say the Margaret Sale died recently. She and her husband Tony were instrumental in saving the Bletchley Park site and helped to create what is now the country’s most important museums for WW2 code-breaking. Made famous through various films and life stories of Alan Turing.

She and Tony also worked tirelessly with the National Computing Museum (on the same site as Bletchley).

Tony Sale (Left) with the then President of the IAP Jim Bates and his wife Jo

I was fortunate to have met both of them, Tony, when he gave a presentation to an IAP Symposium, and a few years ago I was at the NCM and had an interesting chat with Margaret about the computing museum.

COBOL Developers Are Not Extinct

COBOL Graphic

The Governor of New Jersey had put out a plea to COBOL developers to volunteer to support the states aging computing systems.

In an article in The Register he explains that the 40 year old Benefits system relies upon this code and is struggling with the amount of applications being made.

While asking for volunteers, he may need to ask for retired or semi-retired developers to come back to work.

It does raise the question of technical debt, but it also shows that while an aging language COBOL was literally a Business Programming language and is still relevant today.

While COBOL is still available and indeed has several Windows and Object Orientated versions, many companies and organisations have been converting, rewriting from scratch, even redesigning systems to move their old coding real estate to modern languages. Although often the database stays the same.

It is a shame, that as this need arrives, contract developers in the UK and around the world cannot travel to the USA to offer assistance for this task due to the current travel restrictions.

Grace Hopper PhotoGrace Hopper who’s work gave rise to the COBOL language in 1959, would if she was still alive probably have a wry smile today at the longevity of her creation.




Are you a COBOL or software developer? how are you coping with the current self-isolation directives? Please let us know.

A Further Look at Complealing Code

Paul Lynham FIAP continues his voyage on Compealing Code in a series of articles about improving source code to improve software.