Lincoln University – Student Showcase

On Tuesday 15th of May I was invited to attend the Lincoln University School of Computer Science Student Showcase.

This is where students form all years can demonstrate their achievement through the year.

I was highly impressed with the work I saw from Virtual Reality to Conservation, the ideas the students had were as varied as they can be in our industry.

Examples of projects

  • Stem cell tracking and segmentation.
  • Using medical imaging for enhanced probability of cancer detection.
  • Patient zero – a zombie game produced by a group of first year undergraduates during a 48 hour Game Jam.
  • An investigation into the viability of an automated news-driven algorithmic share trading system.
  • RaptorProtector – using social media to raise awareness of wildlife crime density in the vicinity of driven grouse moors.  A number of students have been mentored on this subject by TV wildlife expert Chris Packham during their final year project.

Three projects that caught my eye and shows what range these students have

Tom Snowling’s Squash Club membership system, simple but very effective.

Kimberly Bird’s medical imaging system to identify cancer cells, was very good and currently is 90% accurate. All this far quicker than the existing manual methods. Not bad for a first project.

Ashley Knowles’s system to create virtual cities and galaxies based on procedural content generation techniques may well end up a winner for the games industry.


The group of students who came up with the perishables scanner, a fun idea and a good group effort. They have probably got a bright future supplying all the student houses with their invention.


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