IAP Symposium – Line up complete

The Institution of Analysts and Programmers Symposium for 2017 now has its full list of speakers.

Alastair Revell: Welcome and Opening Remarks

Lt Gen Sir Edmund Burton: Leading change in an uncertain environment

Ian Bryant: Can we make software better?

Igor Schagaev: The Role of Technology – Software

Paul Lynham: FURST



This prestigeous event which sees members of the Institution, Academics and Business come together is to be held at Kew Gardens on the 7th of September.

If you wish to attend please click here if you are already a member of the IAP please login and select the link in the members area or contact the office. Hurry as places are being snapped up fast.

More on each  of our speakers shortly

Another speaker announced for the IAP Symposium in September 2017

We are please to have Professor Igor Schagaev on our list of speakers.

He received his degree of Engineer from Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1977, PhD in Computer Science in 1987 from Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Science. Currently Professor Igor Schagaev is Director of ITACS Ltd, UK.

Igor was keynotes speaker for several International conferences and Congresses:

Dynamic Safety of Aircrafts, IFAC’98, (Patras)
Fault Tolerance Past Present and Future IFAC’99, (Sofia)
Real Time Reliable Distributed Systems CWANC’12 (Hainan)
Active Control, Safety and Maintenance Flight Global Safety’15(London)
Active System Control Flight Global Safety’16 (London)
Role of Technology, ISPI Annual Conference’17, (Montreal)
Igor worked, collaborated and also as consultant provided his expertise to corporations and government agencies, including:

Sukhoy Design Bureau (Design of avionics and safety systems)
Boeing (On fault tolerant avionic design and safety systems)
Airbus (On active system safety for aircrafts)
Sweden Government (On efficiency of research programs)
Igor and his team made an industrial prototype of active system safety, see

evolving computer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBhZQX2jLWk)
60+ papers and seven books were published, including the most recent published by Springer-Nature: Resilient Computer System Design, Software Design for Resilient Computers, Active System Control (Resilient Systems design). See more:



(The above books have, or about to be translated into Russian and Chinese languages.)

In the early 80’s Professor Schagaev has introduced a concept of dynamic safety system for moving vehicles, later prototyped for Sukhoy (94) and extended for other aircrafts worldwide. Some bits of this approach now are known as “health monitoring systems”. Later, when essential theory and math methods: graph logic model, cortege of dependency matrix (information, states and object elements) have became developed a new theory of active system control has emerged. Some solutions were protected by patent on “Method of active conditional control”: http://www.it-acs.co.uk/files/GB2448351B.pdf.

Igor was a scientific leader of ONBASS project (Grant of FP6 EC 2004-08), known as an author of theory of active system control, and Evolving Reconfigurable System and Architecture systems and approaches;

8 PhD and DBA students were completed under Igor’s supervision, with a few in progress (in Greenwich University, UK).

His recent activities have attracted 9000+ researchers worldwide:

Academia.edu session “On evolving systems, theory and applications” became one of the largest known at portal: https://www.academia.edu/s/4cd5ae8775
ACM Elearnmag paper on application of self-organizing, evolving curriculum design – follow-up of Worldcomp14 presentations exceeded 7500+ downloads over two years: http://elearnmag.acm.org/featured.cfm?aid=2611524
Books published since 2013 gained –over 9 thousands downloads
The Role of Technology sessions https://www.academia.edu/s/d220081052/the-role-of-technology
Igor’s current research interests are: the role of technology (including an impact of the technology on our evolution), evolving systems from concept and essential theory down to system design, active system control theory and implementation, advanced computer architectures, , system software, quantitative software engineering, active econometric monitoring and self-evolving curriculum design for HE.

IAP Symposium 2017


The IAP Symposium at Cambridge Cottage, Kew Gardens on the 7th of September is coming.We’ve assembled a group of speakers with a huge range of experience and expertise for this year’s symposium on “Improving Software for Society” (Working Title).

Here’s a preview:

Sir Edmund Burton

Sir Edmund Burton

Sir Edmund Burton – Opening the event

Ian Bryant

Ian Bryant

Ian Bryant – Trustworthy Software

Paul Lynham

Paul Lynham

Paul Lynham – FURST

Prof Igor Schagaev

Prof Igor Schagaev

Prof Igor Schagaev – The Role of Technology

As we confirm our other speakers more will be posted and a flyer will be sent out shortly.

See the link to the left for more information. Members of the Institution should log into the Members area for member rates.