VSJ – April 2004 – Notice Board

e-skills Bulletin

The latest offering from e-skills.com dropped into my inbox the other day. As I browsed through it, I realised that much of the data presented in it will be of interest to IAP members, especially if they are currently planning their next career moves and/or training schedules. For example, did you know that, although the techMark index looked pretty flat at the end of 2003, some sub-categories were up very significantly in the last quarter? The Internet and computer services were both up over 30% and software was up 24%. However the wireless telecommunication service sector was down 5%. Not what I’d have expected intuitively! There are also some very detailed data on employment trends. You can sign up for the e-skills quarterly bulletin at www.e-skills.com/bulletin and it’s free!


Leveraging XML and Web Services for improved public sector performance is on 21 April at Weston Building, Manchester Conference Centre. See www.kablenet.com for details.

The 6th annual Global IP Carriers event takes place at The Royal Garden Hotel, London between 27 and 29 April. See www.carriersworld.com for more.

[Got an activity or event coming up? Email eo@iap.org.uk with the details.]

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