VSJ – December 2003 – Members’ News

New Administrator

Jeanette Walsh has been with us only five months, but had, in that short time, made a hugely favourable impression on everyone. Unfortunately, she is moving to the West Country and so has had to leave us. We wish her well. Her replacement, who by the time you read this will have been in post for several weeks, is Anne Harding. Anne is 55 and was born in South Africa, as was her husband who is Head of History at a Girls’ school. They have two grown up daughters and live about ten minutes’ walk from our office at Boundary House. Anne was a computer cartographer from 1970 to 2001. But since 1995 due to a slump in the oil business things have been quiet so she started her own home-based business in Desktop Publishing. She has designed flyers and annual catalogues and organised exhibitions. She’s also acted as a representative. For the last year she has been further augmenting her earnings by temping for Reed, her various assignments including cashiering at Natwest, interviewing members of the public in the street and organising a GP’s surgery administration.

New Fellow

We are pleased to welcome David Hickman, who was recently admitted to the Institution.

Thirteen years in the RAF, where he learned the basic tools of his trade, led David Hickman rather naturally into his first civilian job creating flight simulation software for Singer Link Miles. Moving on to Rediffusion Simulation in 1980, he spent the following five years designing software for inertial navigation and automatic flight control. He continued as a contractor to Rediffusion until 1985, working on Data Logging software. This was followed by shorter contracts with British Aerospace (Avionics and Interactive Training Systems) and British Telecom (Network Management and GUI)

A 3-year contact with ICL signalled a complete break from the aircraft industry. The work, involving Disc Mirroring and Recovery and Back/Front Office Systems, led to a run of work in the Banking and Insurance sectors, first with Sphere Drake Underwriting, then the Environment Agency, and currently with Standard Chartered Bank. The work involves software to assure the efficiency and security of worldwide financial dealing.

Erratum: Iain Buchanan, whose election to Fellow we reported in October, has asked us to clarify his relationship with Seagull Business Software. We stated that he ‘led a team’. This should have read that he ‘was closely involved with the development of products’.

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