VSJ – December 2005 – Members’ News

Introducing IT 4 Wales

Ian Walker, FIAP, who writes elsewhere on these pages this month, launched a new e-shop a few weeks ago. It’s called ‘IT 4 Wales’ (go to www.it4wales.co.uk). Ian says, “We use a quite different approach to that of many who try to corner people into e-shopping by advertising whopping discounts for online orders. We don’t believe in that; we believe that WHAT YOU SEE should be WHAT YOU PAY. So no matter how visitors want to use the site (either as a shop or a catalogue) they can still enjoy the best prices for IT hardware (and soon, software and accessories). The shop offers full security encryption for Credit Card processing.   However, we’re just as happy to accept a cheque or BACS payment for orders.”

So, why not see what Ian has to offer? He’s just a click away, even for those of us unlucky enough to live outside the Principality!

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