VSJ – July 2001 – Notice Board

IAP Symposium 2001: 3 November, Trinity House, Tower Hill, London

Somewhat advance warning, I know, but well worth blocking out in your diary before more mundane things (like work) get in the way. Last year’s symposium provided a platform for a series of scintillating presentations. Among the international panel of distinguished researchers were Professors Susan Greenfield, Igor Alexander, Anthony Hey and Alan Newell. They grappled with issues such as:

‘Given that the conscious mind depends upon the architecture of the brain, could we engineer a machine that has both imagination and emotions and would such a machine be conscious?’


‘When the CMOS endpoint repeals Moore’s Law, could nano-technology and coherent quantum devices satisfy our relentless demand for more computational power?’

So look out for the full details of this year’s extravaganza in September’s VSJ. It’s sure to be another very good day!

Linux Expo 2001: 4 – 5 July, Olympia 2, London.
Now in its third year, Linux Expo is the UK’s largest Exhibition and Conference dedicated to open source. Development tools, e-commerce, security and Internet tools, Linux based training and support; this is your unique opportunity to discuss your Linux issues directly with the industry leaders.
Details from: http://www.ebulletins.co.uk
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