VSJ – July 2003 – Sounding Board

Tom Reader has some ideas on the password issue.

I have just read your article in ‘Sounding Board’, on page 15 of the April VSJ. I am very pleased to see the subject of password choice being addressed in the magazine. I have a Web page, which gives more ideas for choosing
‘secure’ passwords, and remembering them so that they don’t have to be written down! Essentially, I design them as the initial letters of a memorable sentence.  For example the mnemonic sentence ‘two plus three equals five’ might yield the password ‘2+ThreeEF’. Similarly, ‘To Paris for a holiday’ might give 2Paris4Hols. While my page is aimed at UNIX users, of course the issue of password choice really affects all computer users these days. The URL of the page in question is www.unix-manuals.com/tutorials/unix/choose-password/password-choice.html.

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