VSJ – July 2004 – Sounding Board

Chris O’Toole, MIAP is, as you’ll see from what follows, one of our members in Ireland. Since graduating thirteen years ago, he’s worked mostly in the financial sector, currently as an IT systems designer for Acorn Life Limited. He’s working on an MSc thesis, studying for an MBA, goes power boating, hill walking, plays tennis and golf and (apparently) has time on his hands…

Dear Fellow Members,

As a member of the Institution since 1993, I have benefited both personally and professionally from my membership of the IAP. I have received assistance with study areas, advice on career direction and VSJ is always a good read, to mention but a few of the benefits. However, I feel that, as I am not resident in England, I am missing out on the greatest benefit of all from my membership. It is not really feasible or practicable for me to attend any of the meetings, seminars and presentations. In this regard, rather than remain on the sideline, I have decided to get actively involved. I feel it would be very enjoyable and of great benefit to sit down and discuss with fellow members the trials and tribulations of life in IT. I am always interested in gaining knowledge, understanding how those working in different environments experience life, availing of good opportunity to exploit technology and generate business.

With the support of Mike Ryan, the Director General, and the IAP I hope to generate some activity for Irish members. This, it is hoped, will be in the form of regular meetings where members can benefit from the exchange of views, generating ideas, referring business to each other and, of course, enjoying the social aspects of membership. In this regard, I have written to our Irish members and have asked them for their feedback as to what they would like to see happening. I would hope that within the next two months we’d have our first gathering.

We’re always interested in encouraging and supporting regional groups of IAP members. So if you’re reading this in some other far-flung (not that Eire has been flung that far) outpost, and you’d like to start something similar, by all means get in touch with Mike Ryan at dg@iap.org.uk.

[Something you’d like to get off your chest? Email me (Robin Jones) at eo@iap.org.uk.]

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