VSJ – June 2008 – Members’ News

Mike Ryan, the IAP’s Director General, talks about the Institution’s Gender Balance

As with most of the IT industry – and technology-based enterprise in general – the ratio of female to male IAP members is low. In the past, we have consoled ourselves with the observations that it is higher in the senior grades and that, until relatively recently, there were two women Council members (which still only put their representation at 13%). Neither of these statements continues to be true and it is clearly past time we did something about the situation. We’ve been talking to ‘women in technology’ about this issue and its Director, Maggie Berry writes in this month’s ‘Work in Progress’ about their work. As a start, we will waive our registration fee for all women applicants who come to us through the women in technology Web site (www.womenintechnology.co.uk). But we don’t plan to stop there. We’ll be talking to Maggie further about how we can attract more women members and we’d welcome the views of current IAP members (especially women!). Please contact me at dg@iap.co.uk with your thoughts and suggestions.

We welcome new Fellow Jonathan Hamblin

Jonathan is a highly skilled business analyst and technology practitioner/technical innovator. He has broad business experience across all industry sectors. He started as a Technology Analyst with Bull Systems in 1987, becoming Head of Network Services for a company with a wide network of clients across Europe, before joining ICL in 1994. During the next eight years he played a key role in a number of ICL’s major projects for some of Europe’s leading companies. Since 2002 Jonathan has been Director and Chief Technical Officer for White Obsidian, market leader in the provision of bespoke IT solutions for the international mobile communications industry. He has developed numerous solutions for the international mobile phone market centred around emerging technologies.

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