VSJ – March 2003 – Members’ News

New Fellows

We congratulate and welcome the following members who joined the Institution with the grade of Fellow during the latter half of 2002:

Iain Buchanan

Iain has had a distinguished and much longer career in the computer industry than most. He was a Senior Programmer with Sumlock Comptometer in the late sixties, then spent six years in a similar role with Nixdorf, work which took him to Germany and the US. In 1975 he and a partner founded Holland Automation, a company based in Dordrecht and specialising in the application of high level languages to intelligent cash registers. He remained as Technical Director until 1985 when, as the company grew, he decided to return to independent consultancy. In 1993, after a series of highly specialised projects, he contracted to Seagull Business Software, a producer of business software that became Holland’s fastest growing company. Iain is now a principal of Seagull, and continues to advise the company.

David Hickman

David has worked in the computer industry for more than 25 years, the last 14 of them as a contractor. However he started with a ‘very permanent’ 13 years in the RAF, following this with four years at Singer Link Miles and then 6 years on Aircraft Systems Modelling for Rediffusion. David then broke right away from aircraft simulation, first with a contract to build a network management system for BT, moving in 1993 to ICL, where projects concerned Disc Mirroring and Recovery and Front/Back Office Systems. Further work on Management Systems followed with Sphere Drake Underwriting and the Environment Agency. For the last two years he has been with Standard Chartered Bank.

Hugh Alan Fitton Kearns BSc MSc

Hugh Kearns has worked in Information Technology for 35 years. From 1973 to 1984 he was IT Director of Datastream PLC and Datastream International and was responsible for developing the first interactive financial timesharing system in London, then Europe and the US. Subsequently he was Director of IT at Dun and Bradstreet, responsible for worldwide rollout of a mould-breaking financial information service. In 1992 he became IT Director of the Primark Corporation of America, remaining there for five years. Since 1998 he has been marketing his unique skills through his companies Carpathia Group and Hugh Kearns Limited. Hugh is a seasoned lecturer, public speaker and commentator on all current IT issues. He was a founder of the Government sponsored group that created the Action 2000 Campaign. Latterly he has been involved in discussions and debates on E-Commerce and the projected impact on society of the growth of B2C Web commerce.

We would also like to congratulate the following long-standing members who have recently been upgraded to Fellow:

Ian John Goddard

Ian lives in Jersey and joined the Institution as a Member ten years ago. Originally a management trainee with the National Westminster Bank, he worked from 1984 to 1988 as Information Technology Manager for Citicorp Investment Bank in London, and was responsible for their mainframe-based financial reporting system. This was followed by four years as Project Development Manager with Chase Manhattan in Jersey and a further five years as IT consultant to GP Express (CI) Ltd, a company specialising in the provision of services to the Channel Island based financial and commercial industries. Since 1997 Ian has been Head of Application Systems Wealth Management for Royal Bank of Scotland International. Amongst numerous responsibilities he was Project Manager for a new operating platform to support the world’s largest offshore bank, with a budget of £20m. In his spare time Ian is an active sportsman, President of the Jersey Basketball Association and Coach to the Jersey Ladies’ Team.

Steven Barry Saxton BSc (Hons)

Steven has been with the Institution since 1991, joining as an Associate Member and being upgraded to Member in 1994. His first job was writing software for a research project at Lancashire Polytechnic concerned with X-ray molecular analysis of surfactants. Since then he has applied his skills to a wide range of commercial and industrial projects. Permanent jobs with BNFL and Siemens Audio and Visual Systems were followed by contracts concerned with CAD/CAM, Multimedia and Communications. These led, in 1994, to a job as Software Production Manager with Attica Cybernetics of Oxford, then in 1996 to Technical Systems Manager with SAP, working on Sales Force Automation for some of Britain’s largest retail names. In 1998 Steven became Technical Design Authority for ICL Worldwide Financial Services e-Applications. Projects for, amongst others, Woolwich, Nationwide, Post Office Counters, Microsoft and Halifax involved huge amounts of money. Currently Steven is with the Lost Wax Technical Consulting Group.

John Usher BSc(Hons) DipComp CEng

John joined the Institution five years ago, but has worked in telecommunications for over 25 years. Starting as an operator with Plessey Circuits, he became an Analyst/Programmer in 1984, moving to BT as a Software Engineer in 1986. From then until he finally left BT three years ago, John was involved in a huge variety of highly specialised projects, too numerous to detail here. In 1999, in a complete change of direction, he became MIS Services Manager for Berghaus, part of the Pentland Group, which owns a portfolio of clothing brands, including Speedo, Lacoste, Kickers and Ellesse. John’s role involved integrating Berghaus’s MIS with the rest of the Group. From 2000 he took on wider responsibilities for Pentland as manager of a £4-million project to streamline communications and control of the Group’s manufacturing, sales and administration worldwide. In the last year John has been working for BT once again, as a home-based Consultant.

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