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Telegraph Signs Partnership with IAP
The Institution has recently signed a Partnership Agreement with the IT Department of the Telegraph Newspaper Group. Peter Green, the distinguished IT Director at the Telegraph is already a Fellow of the IAP and the agreement makes provision for up to 20 of the department’s Business Analysts and Programmers to also become members of the Institution.

Peter Green gave his reasons for partnering with the IAP, “To ensure that we have accredited levels of professionalism within the technical environments at the Telegraph group we have sought the best processes to ensure high standards of competence. This ranges from utilising COBit for IT Governance through to certified Project Managers with the Project Management Institute.”
Green continued, “In order to gain the same level and high standards within the analytical and programming sections we have opted to apply the standards promoted by the Institution of Analysts and Programmers. To facilitate this, an alliance has been established between the IAP and the Telegraph group, which allows membership to the IAP for all of our technical staff whose roles are analysts or programmers. This is another major step to ensure that we comply to the world’s highest IT standards and competencies and I look forward to improvements that this will make.”
Jim Bates, the current IAP President, and David Morgan are standing for re-election to the Council this year. They talk about themselves and their aims below.

I came into computing from the electronic hardware support and design field way back in the early 1960s, gradually becoming more and more involved in programming. After a few years in technical support with a number of national computer retailers, I launched out on my own, writing specialist software for third-party manufacturers of add-ons for the ubiquitous IBM PC. In 1986, someone sent me a disk infected with the Brain virus. This was the start of a career change into dedicated virus research. Such research necessarily meant close contact with various police organisations and so my interests naturally developed into the wider field of computer forensics. I now find myself regularly ‘helping the Police with their enquiries’ both here and overseas. I am proud to note on my court statements that I am a Fellow, Member of the Council and President of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers.

During my eleven years as President, the Institution has undergone tremendous change. I am delighted to have been involved in the introduction and adoption of the Codes of Practice. The institution has an important role to play within the modern computer industry as a forum and arbiter for dedicated professionals. If elected, I hope to continue the work of the Council, increasing the profile of the Institution wherever I can.

Jim Bates BSc (Eng), FIAP (Cmpn)

I have been a Member and Fellow of the IAP for over fourteen years and have served on the Council for eight of them.

I am an ex-soldier, serving thirteen years in the Royal Corps of Signals. I became interested in programming while in the Army. On leaving, I completed a degree at Brunel University. After graduating I worked in a large engineering consultancy, where my interest in computing proved useful. Much of my work was in developing countries. Often, I was the only member of a project team to have any IT skills and so I had to learn whatever was necessary to support the project ‘in real time’. More recently, I have I have been working as a contractor in the development environment providing project support and co-ordination skills.

Like many IAP members, I came into IT through my work, rather than from an academic route. I found IT interesting enough to spend much of my own time learning and honing my skills. As a result, I believe I have a broader understanding of the environments in which our members find themselves.

As a Council member, I have been keen to contribute as much as I can to the IAP. I attend all Council meetings possible. I believe the main concern facing the Institution is to increase membership and this is what I would work towards.

David Morgan BSc (Hons), FIAP

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