VSJ – May 2001 – Sounding Board

Wot, no opinions? Perhaps everyone has aimed their bile directly at the Chancellor of the Exchequer (or whoever) this month or maybe the appearance of Spring has imbued you all with the essence of sweetness and light. Whatever the reason, my inbox is empty! So I’ll take this opportunity to announce the IAP Council’s intention to award an annual prize for the best contribution to VSJ from an IAP member, not just in Sounding Board, but under any heading. The ‘year’ will start from September 2000, since that was our first issue, which means that your last opportunity for stardom this year will be in the July/August issue. And my deadline for material for that is mid-May. So start pounding that keyboard!

Something you’d like to get off your chest? Email me (Robin Jones) at eo@iap.org.uk.

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