VSJ – May 2002 – Notice Board

Money Back Offer!

The UK networking industry is due for a windfall of at least £300m says tax consultancy The Customs House. Customs and Excise has regarded LAN equipment as telecommunications gear, which is subject to import duty. The Customs House has campaigned to have such kit reclassified as PC peripheral equipment, which is not subject to duty, in line with US practice. A European Court ruling has confirmed this change and allows for retrospective claims to be made back to 1999. Ongoing litigation may extend this to 1995.


The Global Summit for Multi-Channel e-Government and e-Public Services takes place from the 22nd to the 24th May 2002 at the Sheraton Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal.

Networks Telecom Europe 2002 is at the NEC, Birmingham from 25-27 June 2002. Visit www.ebulletins.co.uk for details.

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