VSJ – May 2006 – Members’ News

We welcome two new Fellows

Richard C. Acland

Richard obtained his grounding in business systems while working as a computer operator in the mid-eighties. Experience on a Honeywell DPS7 Mainframe and on-the-job training enabled him to move up into a job as a developer and in 1988 he helped to found the software house Chase Business Solutions, where he was Technical Director until 1997. Chase had a £1-million turnover; its clients including Cambridge University Press, Bridge Oil and Armstrong Pumps. In 1998 Richard became MD of Hi Tech (South) and more recently its subsidiary Software Process and Design, one of the IAP’s Partner companies. Hi Tech has produced award-winning software for Pension Funds; other clients have included the NHS, Kingfisher and Mercedes Benz.

Vijay S. Rathore MSc

Graduating with a MSc from Sunderland in 1989, Vijay Rathore has had a distinguished career in the financial industry, working in many parts of the world. An early assignment with Hill Samuel involved preparations for the “Big Bang”. This was followed by a five-year assignment in Brussels designing and installing software for Europe’s leading online bookmaker. In 1997 he moved to Citibank in London where his responsibilities included managing their Y2K compliance programme and the installation of a comprehensive new dealing room floor system. In 1998 Vijay became Technology Director and later Managing Director of the NASDAQ stock market. During this period he has carried technical and commercial responsibilities on a vast and awesome scale.

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