VSJ – May 2009 – Members’ News

Dr Peter M Ashby, MB, BS, DRCOG, FIAP (Cmpn) is standing for re-election to the IAP Council this year. Here, he re-introduces himself to us.

I qualified in Medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, in London in 1960 and from 1980 worked on the writing and developing of medical databases for use in primary care and promoted the use of computer systems for General Practice. During this time I developed one of the earliest software programs for the linking of a Pathology service to General Practice.

I retired from full time NHS practice in 2005 after 45 years and continued in medical education until my full retirement from medicine in 2008. Since then I have worked on investigating system anomalies and in forensic work concentrating on the identification of fraud and the maintenance of accurate data. The need to maintain the security of medical databases and the personal information held on these has provoked a fresh approach into user interfaces and the control of access. It is in this area I have been developing new systems which are less vulnerable. I became a fellow of the IAP in 1987, joining the Council in 2007.

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