VSJ – November 2005 – Members’ News

Virginia Luckett MSc

After more than fifteen years in various full and part time roles, Virginia has finally shed her responsibilities with the IAP. For some time now her duties have been limited to writing minutes and helping organise Council meetings and the Symposium. In future Anne Harding will take over these responsibilities.

When the Institution moved to Ealing in July 1990, Virginia was the first person we employed. She took the Luckett estate car to Bob Charles’ office and personally shifted a lot of the IAP files. Then she helped man the phones and we were open for business. Virginia continued after her son Jack was born, bringing him with her to work. That was OK while he was small, but he got bigger and started working the computers. When he learned to talk and began giving members advice over the phone we decided they would both have to stop. We hired Nicole Edwards and Virginia regressed to her occasional role.

Now sporting an MSc from the London School of Economics, Virginia has landed a demanding fulltime job with the Faithworks, part of the Oasis Trust, a leading Christian charity. In her spare time she is a Parish Evangelist, and of course she has to manage husband Tim and the rest of the Luckett household. Not surprisingly the IAP proved one straw too many, though we shall no doubt continue to see her on occasion.

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