VSJ – November 2007 – Members’ News

Brian Candy, MIAP has been in the IT industry for over 27 years, originally joining the IAP back in 1986. Here he describes his most recent venture.

NetSense.Biz was formed in May 2007 to offer affordable Web-based applications for small businesses. These applications can be developed in either ASP.NET 2.0 or PHP 4/5 but our speciality is the Microsoft route. We develop bespoke applications in areas such as e-commerce, expenses, time sheets, booking systems and promotion tracking . We keep our costs down by owning no premises and operating from virtual offices. Hiring no sales staff, not paying for advertising and relying upon recommendation as our main source of work also minimises overheads. There are many small businesses that need on-line applications to help with their day-to-day operations but who have always

believed bespoke software to be out of their reach. To date, no project that we have undertaken has exceeded £1000. We concentrate on applications that can be turned around in 2 – 3 weeks and that require very little post-installation support. And by keeping our prices reasonable, and projects small and manageable, we ensure a full order book. Last but not least, we don’t try to base our financial future on product support. We ensure that our applications are intuitive and require little –  preferably no –  long-term support, leaving developers free to keep churning out new code. So programmers don’t become bored,ensuring rapid evaluation of their skill-set and the diversity keeps producing new opportunities.

You can contact Brian at brian@netsense.biz.

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