VSJ – October 2004 – Sounding Board

Not an expression of a member’s view this month but an opportunity on a wider stage…

Twofour Productions contacted us recently. They are making a series called ‘Life Begins’ for Channel 4 and they’re looking for people planning to use their retirement, early retirement or semi-retirement as an opportunity to live out their dreams.
“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a 65-year-old who dreams of opening a seaside café, or a 40-something with a high-pressure city job who’d rather go and keep bees in a sleepy village,” said Executive Producer Jill Lourie. “We’re looking for people who are clearing the decks, blowing away the cobwebs and preparing to live the life they’ve always wanted. You might be downsizing and moving to a country cottage with roses round the door, or spending your children’s inheritance on a Harley so you can slip into those leathers and get your kicks on Route 66. But we’ll be focussing on your new business venture, be it a cottage industry or something that will make the world sit up and take notice. ‘Life Begins’ is not a show about making money. It’s a series about finding happiness. Our cameras will spend 12 months following your journey every step of the way from the farewell handshake at work, through the selling of your old home and the buying of your new one, to your first tentative steps into the new life you’ve always dreamed of.”

If that sounds like you, contact the ‘Life Begins’ team on 01752 333 900 or go to www.twofour.co.uk/broadcast/life_begins.asp

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