VSJ – October 2005 – Sounding Board

Robin Jones previews a change to the format of ‘Sounding Board’

When I introduced the IAP pages in VSJ just over six years ago now, I wrote ‘Sounding Board will be IAP members’ opportunity to get things off their chests’. So it will remain. We welcome members’ views on the industry and its foibles, the more contentious the better. However, recently we’ve received several missives extolling the virtues of particular software tools, packages and so on. As a rule, these don’t fit comfortably in the ‘Work in Progress’ section or, as currently specified, anywhere else. But they do represent potentially interesting information for members and, thus far, I’ve been sitting on them like a broody hen, feeling slightly guilty that I’m not passing on material that people might find very helpful. So we’ve decided to extend the remit of this section to include reviews, not just of software but technical literature, on-line courses, anything, indeed, that members might find useful in their work. Reviews will, of course, represent members’ views, not those of the IAP, just as traditional ‘Sounding Board’ submissions have done.

[Something you’d like to get off your chest? Email me (Robin Jones) at eo@iap.org.uk.]

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