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Career migration from the MoD into IT Consultancy for an IAP Fellow

Dave Bird, FIAP has demonstrated an impressive appetite for learning, accumulating a vast array of qualifications over the last two years. Coupled with his twelve-year association with the IAP, his training was a good enabler for Dave’s recent career change. Dave had always been keen to move into the diverse world of IT consultancy using his Ministry of Defence experience as a base. He’s now working in the role of a LogicaCMG Business Consultant with the Global Outsourcing Consultancy’s Global Service Delivery (GSD) Division. Impressed by his current company’s global IT consultancy reputation, he turned down an offer from a rival world-leading defence technology and security company and was recruited by GSD in early 2007.

Dave originally became immersed in the world of UNIX-based systems IT. Later, this stirred his avid interest in the expanding IT arena and proved to be pivotal in his career progression as the telecommunications and IT technological environments converged. He combined his IT knowledge-base development within the Armed Forces while studying for an Open University (OU) degree in IT and technology biased subjects. This experience, combined with a number of professional memberships awarded over a protracted period, facilitated an invaluable Continual Personal Development (CPD) programme and helped to bolster his underpinning knowledge in technology and management. While employed as a MoD Training Practitioner between 2005 and 2007, he passed a suite of six Information Systems Examining Board courses (Business Systems Development and IT Service Management) studied at the Defence Academy. Through lifelong learning / CPD, he earned Chartered IT Professional status with the British Computer Society late last year and a graduateship in Leadership and Management with the City & Guilds of London Innstitute. These achievements coupled with his graduation from the OU in mid-2006 became the springboard for Dave’s most recent accolade. Since starting work with LogicaCMG, he has been complimented with a special recognition award for his consultancy success, as part of an enterprise level IT programme. Furthermore he has continued his learning appetite by completing OU post-graduate courses in Information Security Management and Project Management, followed by his studies for the ITIL Managers examinations in IT Service Management. His most prestigious achievement to date has been his graduation from the City & Guilds  with a Masters Degree Level qualification (National Qualifications Framework Level 7) in Engineering at the conferment ceremony chaired by Michael Howell Hon FCGI in London, on Saturday 12 May 2007.

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