About the IAP

The Institution of Analysts and Programmers (IAP) is the leading specialist professional body for people working in any aspect of software development. Founded 50 years ago and operating as a registered charity, the Institution now has members in over 30 countries.

Practitioners join the Institution because they want to belong to a professional body that is Improving Software for Society. Our membership includes software engineers, web developers, business analysts and test engineers.

We enable our members to work together to improve standards and learn from each other, to build professional networks and to shape the future of the profession in order to forge a better world.

Membership brings prestige and the opportunity to work in the public interest with top experts in our profession. It endorses our members’ professionalism, qualifications and experience, demonstrating to employers and clients alike their value in building a more trustworthy digital age.

Membership also helps our members stand out from the crowd by evidencing their personal commitment to professional ethics and assuring their integrity to those who rely on their expertise.

Importantly, we also help those starting out in software by nurturing their professional development during the early stages of their career. We help them to develop solid foundations that will ensure that the next generation of software developers continue to strive for the very highest standards to underpin our growing digital economy.

Our Code of Conduct ensures high professional standards amongst our membership.

The Institution is Improving Software for Society by working with its members and partners to raise standards amongst today’s software engineers and to educate tomorrow’s software developers to ensure the profession creates trustworthy software now and in the future.

The Institution is a Registered Charity in England and Wales. Our Charitable Objects are:-

(a) to advance the science of the development of secure and carefully designed software and to promote public education therein;

(b) to advance the education of the public on the subject of software development and related disciplines as well as to promote greater understanding and appreciation of the impact of software on society for the public benefit.