IAP 50

With the Institution in it’s 50th year, we thought it would be good to bring you some memories of our members over this time.

We have stories, photos and interviews with a variety of members. We also have included a little of the history of the Institution and how it has changed over the last 5 decades.

There are a few other anniversaries this year, the most prominate is that of the Queen, who will be celebrating 70 years on the throne. Her Platinum Jubilee will be celebrated up and down the country.

50 years ago, we had the sadness of the event at the Olympics in Munich. However it was not all bad, the age for leaving school was raised to 16, the first ever Mastermind gameshow was shown, Emerdale was shown (the only farm, where the tractor wheels were clean), the first VCR could be purchased (if you were rich enough). The Access (your flexible friend) Credit Card was introduced. For us programmers Fortran 66 was released. The McMuffin was introduced to us all.

A Ford Cortina would set you back £963.

Your average wage was around £36 a week, thats £1872 a year