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Why Professional Bodies are Important

Professional bodies offer many advantages to those who can gain membership.

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The IAP Prize Scheme

The Institution work with our academic partners includes the awarding of a prize to the best software project by a student. There have been some superb entries.

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  • Programmer vs Developer

    Programmer vs Developer

    Chris Mercer gives his views on the different terms used to describe people who create software professionally.

    What could they mean?
    Where do they come from?
    Do they even matter?

    If you’re interested in learning where the terms come from, what the terms could mean, and thinking about how they can help you build and be part of a multi-skilled team then this is the presentation for you.

    The event will be an online seminar via Microsoft Teams on Friday the 2nd of September 2022 at 2:30 PM. […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/programmer-vs-developer/


  • Our Biodegradable Membership Cards

    Our Biodegradable Membership Cards

    The Institution has recently updated it’s membership cards and as we progress to being a greener organisation, we have chosen a more environmentally friendly biodegradable material for our cards.

    We have included the technical details about […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/our-biodegradable-membership-cards/


  • The Queens Platinum Jubilee

    The Queens Platinum Jubilee

    Happy Jubilee Week; where we in the United Kingdom and in many countries around the world are celebrating 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign!

    We wish Her Majesty many more years as our […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/queens-jubilee/


  • IAP Achieves Cyber Essentials – 2022

    IAP Achieves Cyber Essentials – 2022

    The IAP has achieved Cyber Essentials for another year […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/iap-achieves-cyber-essentials-2022/


  • The 3Dpedia of stuff

    The 3Dpedia of stuff

    If you are looking at a famous painting in a museum more likely than not you are looking at a copy. The replica albeit very accurate high definition copy of the original is not the original. Some […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/the-3dpedia-of-stuff/


  • Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain

    Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain


    Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain


     to Neuroscience,  Biogenetics  and  Biology

    Give me a fulcrum and I will move the World

    Circa 300 BC. Archimedes

    Over the […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/unlocking-the-secrets-of-the-brain/