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Why Professional Bodies are Important

Professional bodies offer many advantages to those who can gain membership.

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The IAP Prize Scheme

The Institution work with our academic partners includes the awarding of a prize to the best software project by a student. There have been some superb entries.

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  • June’s Dev Cafe Rendezvous

    June’s Dev Cafe Rendezvous

    This month saw another get together of members who work from home (and some in the office) get together for a quick chat over the virtual coffee pot. […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/junes-dev-cafe-rendezvous/


  • The Business Show 2024

    The Business Show 2024

    Once again the IAP is supporting the Business Show @ the Excel Centre, running alongside the Working From Home Live and the RetrainExpo shows. It is free to attend, just book […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/the-business-show-2024/


  • D-Day 80

    D-Day 80

    The 1940s marked a significant period in technological advancement, particularly in computing. This era, defined by World War II, saw the development and use of early computers that played critical roles in various military operations. […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/d-day-80/


  • May Bank Holiday 2024

    May Bank Holiday 2024

    The Institutions offices will be closed on the 6th of May for the UK’s Early May bank holiday. We will re-open on the 7th of May.


  • IR35 Impact on UK Software Developers and Opportunities in the US Market

    IR35 Impact on UK Software Developers and Opportunities in the US Market

    Photo by Ibrahim Boran The implementation of IR35 regulations in the UK has brought significant challenges to highly skilled software developers and professionals in the software industry, while simultaneously stifling entrepreneurship […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/ir35-impact-on-uk-software-developers-and-opportunities-in-the-us-market/


  • Tags


    In the ever-expanding world of digital information, tags have become an essential tool for organization and discovery. But how did these simple labels evolve, and how do they power the way we interact with data today? […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/tags/