The Institution’s Constitution allows for an advisory council of its members to advise the Trustee Board on any matter that it refers to the Council. The Council has no executive authority within the Constitution and any decision reached by the Council is not binding on the Institution or Trustee Board.

The Council has not yet been inaugurated.

Once inaugurated, the Council will discuss professional matters relating to the Objects of the Institution, including the development, installation, maintenance, testing and security of software. It will also actively canvas the opinions of the members of the Institution and represent their views to the Trustee Board.

The Council’s Chair and Vice-Chair, elected from Members of the Council, will be Ex-Officio Trustees (unless otherwise disqualified to act as trustees).

The President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Director General are ex-officio members of the Council, who with the Chair and Vice-Chair of Council represent the Trustee Board at Council meetings.

Members of Council are expected to act as ambassadors of the Institution and to actively promote the Institutuion to its members, the wider IT community and the general public.