The Cyber Security in Software Community of Practice group (CyberCOP) meets regularly and is currently creating some outline documents to explain cyber security, and how software developers, businesses and the public can improve how they handle this subject on a day to day basis.

Elements of Implementing Cyber Security

Cyber security is about the management of risk to cyber resources.  A cyber resource is anything the organisation holds by electronic means and may consider valuable (to the business, its clients, or personnel) that a hostile entity might consider of value and worth stealing, amending, or interrupting. Cyber security includes the protection of  inter-connected systems , including hardware, software and data from criminal or unauthorized access as well as the measures to achieve this.


User Controls Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention and Detection Malware Protection Equipment Network and Data Security Remote Access Data Loss Practicality and Useability Updates and Patch Management Access Management Data Encryption

This is not intended to be an exhaustive or detailed list but merely an overview and that by addressing these areas, you will be 90% of the way to a secure system, however specific situations may require an individual approach.

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