The Institution of Analysts and Programmers has emerged as the leading specialist professional body for software practitioners, having been established back in 1972. It has been endorsing the status of those involved in creating software for almost 50 years, protecting their professional interests and working for its members’ greater public recognition and reward. It has been the key to many successful careers in software development.

The Institution has a rich and fascinating history, with its roots stretching back into the early 1970s with a group of computing enthusiasts meeting as the University Computer Association in Cambridge.

Time Line

1972: Founded as the University Computer Association
1981: Name Changed to The Institution of Analysts and Programmers
1981: The late Bob Charles appointed as Secretary General
1990: Mike Ryan appointed Director General
1992: Institution Incorporated
1994: Granted Coat of Arms
2010: Alastair Revell appointed as Director General
2011: Transformation Programme Started
2013: 10E’s Programme Launched
2016: The Institution becomes a founder member of the Cyber Security Alliance
2017: Adopted New Constitution
2018: Registered as a Charity in England and Wales
2021: Founding Member of the UK Cyber Security Council