Most Influential Person In Software Development – The Results

Most Influential Person In Software Development Webinar – The Results

In January we asked you to name the person (dead or alive) that you believe was the most influential person in software development.

We had a lot of great nominations and we would like to share the results with you. Before announcing the person who takes the crown for this prestigious place, we have asked 3 people to explain why they nominated them and why their candidate should win.

Paul Lynham, President of the Institution will host the event, with 3 members of the Institution explaining why thier candidate deserves the title.

After their presentations the person who got the most votes will be announced.

The nominated candidates are (and speaking for them)

  • Ada Lovelace (Irene Jones)
  • Alan Turing (Paul Hazelden)
  • Grace Hopper (TBC)