Senior Officers

The Institution’s Constitution prescribes that the Honorary Officers of the Institution are:-

  • The President
  • The Vice-President
  • The Treasurer

The President and Vice-President of the Institution are elected by the Trustee Board from the Elected Trustees for one-year renewable terms at the first meeting of the Trustee Board after the Annual General Meeting each year.

The Treasurer is appointed for a renewable one year term by the Trustee Board as an Ex Officio Trustee and need not be a member of the Institution.

The other senior officers of the Institution are:-

  • Director General
  • Secretary
  • Chair of Council
  • Vice-Chair of Council

The Director General is appointed by the Trustee Board as the Institution’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Secretary is appointed for a (renewable) one year term by the Trustee Board and acts as the company secretary.

The Chair and Vice-Chair of Council are elected by the Council for a(renewable) one year term. They are Ex Officio Trustees provided they are not disqualified from being trustees under the Constitution.