The IAP Prize

For many years the IAP has been awarding a prize for the best software project by a student at our Academic Partners.

The prize is called “The Institution of Analysts and Programmers Prize for the Best Software Development Project” and any of our Academic Partner Universities can submit candidates for this. Our panel will review the candidates projects and award the prize. While not awarded at each university every year, it is a popular and prestigious award to win.

The prize consists of a financial award, a framed certificate and a 5 year membership of the Institution.

The previous winners have been …

  • 2021 Jonathon Bray – University of Plymouth
  • 2020 Shannon Rice – University of Plymouth
  • 2019 Oliver Narramore – University of Plymouth 
  • 2018 Craig Barnyard – University of Plymouth 
  • 2017 Jodie O’Reilly – University of Plymouth
  • 2016 Alexander Richardson – University of Plymouth 
  • 2015 Ben Cuthbertson – University of Plymouth
  • 2014 Billy Criddle – University of Plymouth 
  • 2012 Megan Goodwin – University of Wales, Newport
  • 2011 Dominic Streeter – University of Plymouth 
  • 2010 David Pryor – University of Wales, Newport
  • 2009 Pete Randall – University of Plymouth – Bug Tracker Application: BugZapp
  • 2008 John Thomson – University of Plymouth
  • 2007 Richard Mather – Kellogg College, University of Oxford