Student Placements

Many university and college IT courses include an industrial placement, where students work within a company for, perhaps, 30 – 48 weeks as part of their course. The IAP believes that such schemes provide students with invaluable real-world experience and actively encourages them.

To that end, we maintain two data sets. The first contains details of Licentiates of the IAP who require placements. The second relates to companies who are prepared to offer such placements on a regular basis.

Licentiates email the Executive Director for Professionalism  and Education with the necessary details – membership numbers, CVs, when and where they are looking for placements and any other relevant information. These data are stored and an abstract of current requests is published regularly.

Members who wish to offer an applicant a placement can signal their interest, again by emailing the Executive Director for Professionalism and Education. This information is passed to the student, whose responsibility it then is to make contact.