Aims and Objectives

The Institution of Analysts and Programmers was founded in 1972 and became established under its current name in 1981. The Institution was incorporated into a company limited by guarantee on 8th October 1992. The Institution’s objectives are defined in its Memorandum of Association as being:-

  • To provide an organisation to assist men and women, having the necessary education, ability and experience,  to advance in the professions related to systems analysis or software development, and to secure public recognition of their professional status;
  • To facilitate the advancement and spreading of knowledge within the said professions;
  • To improve standards of conduct and competence within the said professions and provide a means for measuring professional competence;
  • To assist members to indemnify themselves against claims in respect of liabilities incurred by them in the exercise of their profession, and to protect the mutual interests of members;
  • To provide services and all kinds of assistance to members in the pursuit of, or in any matter relating to, their professional career or work;
  • To assist members who are seeking employment;
  • To provide opportunities for contact between members;
  • To contribute to the compilation or publication by official bodies of any literature or statistics relating to the said professions;
  • To do all such things as from time to time may be necessary to maintain and advance the status and interests of the said professions.