10 E’s

In 2013, the Director General, Alastair Revell, launched the 10 Es. This heralded the start of the Institution’s transformation to meet the new and on-going challenges faced by the IT community . We’ve distilled them into the following ten statements that define how we will interact with our members:

  • Enhance – We will enhance what we offer to our members by focusing on career-oriented benefits that will help them develop professionally.
  • Exchange – We will provide our members with opportunities to exchange ideas, both face-to-face and online.
  • Encourage – We will actively encourage our members to develop their careers by finding them mentors from within our membership.
  • Empower – We will empower our members, especially our Fellows, to have a greater voice within our profession.
  • Ensure – We will ensure the quality of our membership remains outstanding by extending the peer review procedure that applications receive and by providing online verification of membership.
  • Enable – We will enable members to contribute more to the running and development of the Institution by establishing opportunities for them to help the Institution flourish.
  • Educate – We will continue to educate our members and the wider profession by publishing a learned journal and by developing a Body of Knowledge for the profession.
  • Enlighten – We will enlighten our profession, shaping its development by liaising more with government, academia and employers.
  • Engender – We will engender the spirit of professional duty in our members so that they can evangelise the need for professionalism in the wider IT community.
  • Evolve – We will evolve into a higher profile and more significant specialist professional body by increasing our relevance to our own members, the wider profession and Society at large.

Click the image below for a pdf of the 10 Es and feel free to pass it to interested colleagues and friends.