Education and Training

Most members of the IAP are already established in their professional careers, and have completed their initial education and training. But the IT industry is a rapidly changing one. Members will need to be continually updating and expanding their skills if they are to keep abreast of the job market’s needs. The Institution can help with this.

  • IAP Partners — The Institution has Partner agreements with a number of the leading universities and private sector colleges. These are bodies that offer courses in analysis, programming and related subjects most suited to the special needs of IAP members.
  • Accredited courses — Accredited courses (offered by the Partners) have been scored on the IAP points system, and contribute towards the totals needed for IAP membership or upgrading.
  • Student placements — Licentiate members of the IAP still in full time education can take advantage of a unique scheme that provides the essential working experience to complement their courses.
  • Other educational mattersemail the Executive Director for Professionalism and Education.