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Pension Scheme

The Institution has closed a deal with HBOS to provide IAP members with one of the new Stakeholder Pensions on exceptional terms. The IAP scheme is open to members, their families, and anyone else who has a meaningful association with the Institution. Even if you are already in a scheme run by your employer, your wife can still have IAP pensions. So can your children, and there is no minimum contribution.

A key feature of the stakeholder pension is that the annual charges must not exceed 1% of the fund value. With the IAP scheme, the charge starts at only 0.75%. Better still, as the total paid into the scheme increases, this percentage will fall, ultimately to 0.60%. So as charges fall, each individual benefits from the contributions made by all the other members.

For further details members should contact HBOS directly, quoting the name of the Institution and the Scheme Reference Number X4633.

By Telephone 0845 602 5866

By email