VSJ – October 2015 – Triangles within Triangles

Paul Lynham presents The “Triple Constraint” or “Iron Triangle” is a concept whereby constraints on the system are in opposition to each other. There are several trilemmas in computing including CAPi, Zooko’s Triangleii and the “Project Triangle”, to […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/vsj-october-2015-triangles-within-triangles/

VSJ – October 2015 – Computer Vision, A Developer’s Viewpoint

Computer Vision A Developer’s Viewpoint

Tom Reader

Alver Valley Software Limited



Computer Vision is an exciting branch of computer science for the programmer, combining mathematics, artificial intelligence and machine […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/vsj-october-2015-computer-vision-a-developers-viewpoint/