VSJ – April 2006 – Members’ News

We welcome two new Fellows

Danny Cheung Chiu-Leung

Not really a new member of the IAP, Danny Cheung joined us first as a Fellow in 1984.  But his membership lapsed and he has only recently resurfaced.  Resident in Calgary since 2000 as President of OriSon Biotechnology Inc, before that Danny was President of GMR High Technology in Hong Kong.  He was responsible for installing one of the world’s largest and most complex Geographic Information Systems for the Government of Hong Kong in a $24-million deal.  Another project involved the application of fuzzy logic to make AI systems more accessible to non-experts.  A lot of his business has been with China; Danny is an expert in Chinese medicine.

Peter J.C. Wilson BSc (Hons)

Graduating from Teesside Polytechnic in 1989 with an Honours degree in Computer Engineering, Peter Wilson has built a career in Multimedia.  Initially a Technical Co-ordinator and Senior Software Engineer for other media companies, in 1992 he was appointed Technical Director of Icontact Multimedia, working closely on the development of titles with Phillips and Sony.  In 1996 he moved to Alexandria with Icontact International, where he created a large-scale multimedia facility to service the Middle Eastern markets.  Since 2000 Peter has been running his own company based in Colchester, which he established to concentrate on applications of the emerging New Media and Information systems.

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