VSJ – April 2007 – Members’ News

We welcome two new Fellows

David S. Crichton BSc

Starting as a programmer with Plessey in the mid-1960s, David has worked for some of the most illustrious names in the IT business. Following eight years with IBM working on internal systems David moved to Amdahl where, in 1990, he took over as Manager of European Systems. Since 1994 he has been a freelance consultant specialising in ObjectStar. During this time he has worked with a wide range of customers in the UK and Australia. He was solely responsible for design and management of the ObjectStar components in the W.H. Smith ClubCard system, writing most of the code himself. In recent years, as an Accredited Consultant to ObjectStar International, David has concentrated on the design and installation of enhancements to the product. He was primarily responsible for designing the ObjectStar Consultants’ Tool Kit that is now available as an additional facility for clients.

Nigel S. Filmer

Nigel started his career in IT some 20 years ago as a specialist designer of CAD systems for architecture and engineering. Moving to Medway NHS Trust in 1989 he took over the responsibility for staff training together with the development and support of both the financial and health-oriented software systems. In 1996 Nigel moved to IKON Office Solutions where he was responsible for providing complete client support in software procurement, as well as for revenue billing and associated operations. Projects included designing, developing and supporting new and existing Pick/Universe and Oracle applications. In 2000 he moved to Hidden Hearing Limited, where his responsibilities include analysis, design and development of the company’s SQL Server data warehouse and software solutions for the company’s customer relationship management system Navision; also support of the company’s legacy PICK based MAILBRAIN systems.

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