VSJ – September 2000

These pages represent a new venture, both for the IAP and for VSJ, so I’ll start by outlining the kinds of things we envisage going into them over the coming months:

Sounding Board: This will be IAP members’ opportunity to get things off their chests. What do you think about IR35, the charge that Microsoft systems are particularly vulnerability to virus attacks, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill (I wonder if anyone at the Home Office has noticed the that its acronym is RIP?) or e-commerce hype, for instance? Let us know. Your views aren’t just interesting – they inform our discussions with MPs and ministers. Email me at eo@iap.org.uk with your thoughts. Since, presumably, none of you are clairvoyant, there aren’t any letters this month.

Events: Let us know about seminars, conferences, exhibitions and so on that are likely to be of interest to IAP members. Send information to the same email address as for letters and, please, give us plenty of time so that members get sufficient warning! As a rule of thumb, material needs to be with us two months before the publication date of the issue you want it to appear in. Of course, we can’t guarantee that we’ll publish everything that we’re sent – there won’t be space. But we’ll try our damnedest to print at least a brief mention and contact details. This month, there’s just one entry – but it’s a beauty!

Work in Progress: IAP members, both individual and corporate, work on interesting projects. We’d like to hear about them, especially if they entail novel solutions or new ideas. You’ll see an example elsewhere on these pages.

Members’ News: If you’ve got a new product on the market, just successfully completed a major project, expanded into a new building or whatever, don’t hide your light under a bushel! We, and your fellow members, want to know.

Email me at eo@iap.org.uk with information, rants, ideas or anything else that takes your fancy.

Robin Jones

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