Oxford get £150M for Ethics in AI

Stephen Schwarzman, a US private equity billionaire has made the largest single donation (£150M) to a UK university. It has been given to Oxford for a new institute that will study the ethics of artificial intelligence.

The donation will fund a new faculty for the humanities.

The UK government […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/oxford-get-150m-for-ethics-in-ai/

The Joys and Woes of a Single Developer

John Dear FIAP and Paul Lynham FIAP present the first in a series of articles about developers who work alone and how strategies can be put in place to improve the software being developed.


Software in Agriculture

As someone who grew up on a farming estate in West Sussex during the 1960’s and 70’s; I have seen many changes in agriculture that have improved how farming is done.

It still means 4:30 am starts for many farm workers, especially the dairy hands and the joy of […] https://www.iap.org.uk/main/software-in-agriculture/